Anytime Reusable Menstrual Cup Size 2 for Women Above Age of 30 Years (Best Alternative to Sanitary Pads)

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Brand: Anytime Menstrual Cup

Color: pink


  • Reusable up to 10 years. Eco-friendly. Collects three times more menstrual fluid than pads. Perfectly designed shape with very soft surface to fit vaginal structure. Measurements marker for measuring exact menstrual flow.
  • ANYTIME Menstrual Cup is the Softest Cup Available because of the High-Quality 100% medicated Silicone. It's so Soft & comfortable you won't even know it's there! Our Period Cup is also the Easiest to Insert and Remove thanks to the Extended Pull stem.
  • Better demonstration product guide on how to use Anytime Cup (Via Animated Image Description) than other menstrual cup.Note-It is recommended to clean the cup with hot water at least ones in a month.
  • LEAK-PROOF: For the first time ever, you will never have to worry about leaks! Thanks to the fit of ANYTIME Menstrual Cup, you can reduce cramps, reduce flow, insert and remove with ease, and forget about leaks.One more benefit is that you can insert it the night before you expect to get your period, so you don't get a messy surprise every month. We also have a 100% GUARANTEE, so you return ANYTIME, no questions asked!
  • How to Use Anytime Cup: -1) Clean the cup then fold the cup as per demonstration images, choose any method of fold insertion Push down fold or C-fold (try to make fine tip) 2) Hold the fold cup & insert in to vagina(stand, sit, squat, or raise one leg) by pushing towards your tailbone ensuring the cup enters completely.3)Release cup it will open inside hold the base of the cup rotate it while pushing .Insert until stem remain outside.


Publisher: Rockbrook Daily Products Co., Ltd.

Details: Anytime Menstrual Cup is best alternative to sanitary pads, reusable up to 10 years & ecofriendly unlike pads. With ANYTIME just fold, insert, and enjoy the freedom it gives you every month. It's that easy! ANYTIME collects fluids safely and securely inside the cup, and Instead of switching it out, just empty it, wash it, and reuse it. Anytime Menstrual cup is softest cup available as it is made of high quality100% medicated silicone which is very safe even to dedicated skin. It's so Soft you won't even know it's there .Anytime menstrual cup is cost-effective, odorless & provide 12 hours leak free protection collect three times more menstrual fluid than pad. ANYTIME Menstrual Cup has been specifically made to eliminate as many headaches, pains & tiredness in dealing with the sights and odors that come with pads. Say goodbye to using tampons or sanitary pads and welcome ANYTIME Menstrual Cup which allows you to enjoy the outdoors, sport activity & long term sleep during menstrual periods. It's your life, - Isn't it time to get back to doing what you want every day! Size guide (please check size guide chart image in product images) Anytime Size 2- Only For women Above Age of 30 years Or If women less than 30 years of Age Should given Birth vaginally. Please find the video link on How to Use Menstrual Cup- ( )