VWash Plus Expert Intimate Hygiene - 100ml (pack of 2)

VWash Plus Expert Intimate Hygiene - 100ml (pack of 2)

  • Rs. 339.00

Brand: V Wash Plus

Color: Watery


  • Prevents unpleasent odors & irritation in the intimate areas
  • Vwash plus is enriched with sea buckethorn oil which contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals , antioxidants &amino acids
  • Daily washing with Vwash plus leaves a fresh sensation & maintains healthy vaginal flora

Details: Good personal hygiene is the first step to good health. While it is an important part of one's daily life, personal hygiene isn't just about having bouncy hair, clear skin and shiny, white teeth. For women, it's also about taking care of the hygiene of their most intimate area - the vagina. Ironically, this is the one area that's often neglected the most. Everyone feels they are doing just fine when it comes to intimate hygiene. It's this sense of misplaced confidence that makes them think that all the talk about intimate hygiene is not for them. Not only do they believe they are safe from irritation, itching, pain, odour, white discharge and infection, they also take a lot of myths about vaginal hygiene for facts